Fighting piracy starts here

Are you fully protected from digital piracy?

The illicit reproduction and distribution of copyrighted material is big business, with annual revenue losses to legitimate content owners running to the hundreds of billions of dollars. Having the the right anti-piracy strategy and partner are extremely useful to protecting your brand even in a fast-moving digital world.

Do you know if and where online piracy violations are taking place? You can find out by simply ordering a free Brand Protection Status report.

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Where pirates look for illegal treasure

The growth of the internet and easy access to advanced technology are driving digital piracy. To access illicit content, online pirates use a variety of methods. The best known – and most damaging to copyright owners – are peer-to-peer (P2P) systems / streaming and web-based services known as cyberlockers. P2P systems allow users to share media anonymously, making them attractive to anyone bent on copyright violation. For those not inclined to pay for a television series or a film, streaming sites are popular – largely due to improved connectivity around the world. According to industry figures, visits to piracy websites exceed 100 billion annually. Currently, there is a behavioural shift among consumers from feeling the need to own entertainment to being satisfied with having instant access to it. Just as this has led to the rise of cloud-based services such as Netflix, it has also spawned cyberlockers, a file-hosting service that provides ubiquitous access to media content for anyone who prefers not to pay for it.

The most proactive step you can take in anti-piracy is protecting your IP by registering your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in key markets. That way, you will be ready to pursue a more reactive strategy if you need to, including removing illegal listings and putting pressure on sites providing illicit content. 

Anti-piracy: Fighting the pirates starts here

Once violation has been established, Yellow Brand Protection employ a proven methodology against piracy to properly address the problem.

> Track. What is the scope of the problem and where are the violations taking place? These questions have to be answered before moving on to the next step. To assist us (and you), we have developed the platform - ZERO, our powerful brand protection technology with automated search.

> Analyze. This is where perpetrators are identified, and evidence is gathered in ZERO to plan the best way to curtail their activities.

> Enforce. Measures include continuously cutting off access to copyrighted content and minimising the number of views and/or downloads.

Innovative brand protection technology – ZERO™

ZERO™ automatically crawls all crucial online sales channels, to offer the broadest online search capability in the industry. Constantly searching for relevant matches all over the world, an intelligent search algorithm clusters all available online and offline data to identify and prioritise the biggest threats to a brand. Discover more about just how advanced ZERO™ is.