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Replica Rolexes, copycat Chanel, bogus Burberrys and numerous other fake luxury items are not hard to find. The vendors of counterfeit goods have long since migrated from basements and street corners to the digital arena – as ever, the lure of easy money attracts those determined to make a living off others’ hard work. At Yellow Brand Protection, we have extensive experience of protecting luxury brands.

Key Facts

The counterfeit market in

luxury & fashion is worth annually


of annual world trade is actually from the counterfeit luxury items market.

The majority of fake fashion

is made in China


Consumers are online – so are counterfeiters

Nowadays, more than 70% of fake luxury items are sold online. E-commerce is booming, with new online stores popping up daily. While counterfeit products proliferate on sites like Alibaba, Aliexpress and Taobao, it doesn’t end there. Social media sites such as Facebook, Sina Weibo and WeChat are like honey to bees for fraudsters. According to one study, roughly 20% of posts about top luxury brands feature illicit products.

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How Yellow Brand Protection can help in the luxury industry

At Yellow Brand Protection, we are well placed to help luxury brands protect their brands - thanks to our global presence, proven online brand protection methodology, highly experienced team and ZERO, the most sophisticated search platform in the industry.

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The CEO of Yellow Brand Protection is one of the world's leading authorities on brand protection. Hear what he has to say about brand protection in the luxury goods sector.

Daniel Bennett

CEO, Yellow Brand Protection
[email protected]

We needed to address a growing threat to our brand from unauthorized sales in China. Yellow Brand Protection helped us do this effectively and without any fuss. They have great communication and get great results!

Brand Protection Manager of a luxury fashion brand*

* Due to the sensitive matter with brand abuse many of our clients wish to remain anonymous

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Yellow Brand Protection in China

Efficient brand protection requires local presence in key markets, like our local team in China, who work tirelessly to secure strong relationships with key marketplaces and local enforcement expertise. Find out why we feel its important to have the largest online brand protection team in China.

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Our guiding principle, which simply means that we strive to remove all unauthorized listings of our clients’ products in online marketplaces, webshops and other key channels. Read how we can achieve this for your brand with our IP protection services.