Brand protection in the electronics industry

Consumer electronics is a multi-trillion dollar industry. The modern world is awash in products powered by electronics – from smartphones and computers to major household appliances like washing machines. And with ever-more consumers connected to the digital marketplace, it’s becoming easier for counterfeiters to make, promote and sell fake electronic products. At Yellow Brand Protection, we know how to protect electronics brands online.

Key Facts

Estimated annual revenue loss to legitimate businesses


of electronic products sold globally are

either sub-standard or counterfeit

Consumer electronics is the fastest

growing counterfeit sector.


bad for brands

Counterfeit electronics is rapidly becoming a serious problem for rights holders. With a global market worth trillions of dollars, it is a magnet for criminals. The implications for brands couldn’t be more serious: loss of revenues, damaged reputations and potential lawsuits – after all, it can be hard to prove it wasn’t your product that malfunctioned.

Counterfeit electronics - Headphones

Bad for consumers

For consumers, counterfeits are not merely irritating when they don’t work as advertised, they can also cause accidents, sometimes, even a life-threatening injury. The industry in fake electronics can result in job losses too. According to the Semiconductor Industry Association, counterfeiting led to 11,000 layoffs industry-wide as revenues were slashed.

Counterfeit electronics - Semiconductors

How Yellow Brand Protection can help in the electronics industry

At Yellow Brand Protection, we are well placed to help electronics manufacturers protect their brands – thanks to our global presence, proven online brand protection methodology, highly experienced team and ZERO, the most sophisticated search platform in the industry.

Listen to an expert

Daniel Bennett, CEO of Yellow Brand Protection, is one of the world’s leading authorities on brand protection. Hear what he has to say about brand protection in the consumer electronics industry.

Daniel Bennett

CEO, Yellow Brand Protection
[email protected]

“As long as we are innovative and our products are in demand, there will be those who want to profit from us. We have Yellow Brand Protection to help us stay alert and prevent that from happening.

Intellectual Property Manager in the electronics industry*

* Due to the sensitive matter with brand abuse many of our clients wish to remain anonymous

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Our guiding principle, which simply means that we strive to remove all unauthorized listings of our clients’ products in online marketplaces, webshops and other key channels. Read how we can achieve this for your brand with our anti-counterfeiting services.